Our Process

We start by identifying the main technical challenges that your application will have and create a plan to ensure those challenges are met. This will include a rough cost estimate and time line. Then we agree on the platform. We recommend using LAMP or Win/ISS - with either SQL Server or an open source like PostgreSQL. We then set it up on an AWS server, or your own if you prefer and manage it.


Less is more.

We subscribe to the KISS principal - often times a solution provider incorporate many js libraries and methods. The end result being an application that is too complex to manage and upgrade. We avoid this by using only what is needed.


About our company

We are based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Improved Business Process

We take into account all aspects of your project and create efficient data flows.

Faster ROI

No need to hire a project manager, systems & database administrator, and programmer - we take care of it all.

Client Centric

We limit the number of our clients at any given time to ensure a smooth workflow.

Local or Global

We limit the number of out clients at any given time to ensure a smooth and available workload.

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Located in Vancouver, BC Canada


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